The Georgia Tech RCR Compliance Policy requires re-training in the following circumstances:


Change of Career Stage

Any applicable student who received RCR training during one career stage at Tech (for example, as an undergraduate) and is required to complete RCR training after changing to a different career stage at the Institute (for example, by becoming a master’s student) must at a minimum complete any additional RCR training requirements associated with the latter career stage. A postdoctoral scholar in this circumstance who received RCR training as a doctoral student at Tech must complete at least one additional in-person training hour.


Funding From a Covered NIH Project

According to the NIH, “Reflection on responsible conduct of research should recur throughout a scientist’s career: at the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, predoctoral, postdoctoral, and faculty levels ... Instruction must be undertaken at least once during each career stage, and at a frequency of no less than once every four years.” The PIs of covered NIH projects are required to develop an RCR training plan that addresses the re-training issue and ensure that their trainees adhere to that training plan.