Master’s students who register for thesis hours (courses numbered 7000) must successfully complete RCR training. There are three training options.


Master's RCR Course

The third option is to complete a course designed by the master's program that contains RCR content. Students must obtain permission from the relevant graduate program to attend one of the courses below (they are normally intended only for students pursuing a particular type of master's degree).

As of Sept. 10, 2018, the following programs have an approved third option RCR training approach for their master's students:

  • Industrial Design – ID 6100: Introduction to Graduate Studies (effective Fall 2014)

Important: A master's RCR course does not satisfy the in-person RCR training requirement for doctoral students.


Doctoral RCR Course

Master's students can review the list of RCR Courses for Doctoral Students to determine if they have taken an RCR course which satisfies the the second option.


For Master's Programs: Creating a RCR Course

A master's program that wants to create an in-house RCR course must submit a proposal (PDF) to the Georgia Tech RCR Advisory Committee by the first working day in November of the current academic year in order for the proposal to be considered for the academic year that follows.

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