Two doctoral students conducting research

The RCR Academic Policy for Doctoral Students applies to all doctoral students. As part of their degree requirements, doctoral students must complete two forms of RCR training:

The online training, a CITI RCR course, must be successfully completed within 60 days of when applicable students begin the first full semester in their doctoral program.

Doctoral students covered by this policy are required to complete successfully PHIL 6000 OR an academic program’s in-house RCR course for doctoral students. Students are strongly encouraged to complete an RCR course for doctoral students within the first 12 months of their doctoral program. In general, doctoral students who need to take PHIL 6000 are encouraged to do so during the first summer session after they begin their doctoral program at Georgia Tech.

Important: Doctoral students who have a catalog year prior to 2011-12 are not required by this Policy to complete RCR training but they should refer to the applicability criteria listed in the Georgia Tech RCR Compliance Policy to determine if their source of funding requires the training. If this Policy imposes a hardship by on a doctoral student who was originally admitted prior to Fall 2011 but now has a more recent catalog year, the student may petition the RCR Program to review the case. For more information on this process, refer to this Policy’s FAQs.