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PHIL 6000 is a one-credit course that satisfies a graduate student's in-person RCR training requirement for both the RCR Academic Policy for Doctoral Students and the RCR Compliance Policy. Doctoral students are encouraged to take PHIL 6000 during their first summer session (if they will be enrolled full time during the summer). Instead of PHIL 6000, some graduate programs have an in-house course for their doctoral students.

PHIL 6000 is listed under Philosophy in Oscar; students should only register for one section of the course. For questions about PHIL 6000, contact us.

Summer 2023

Important Notice:  All Summer 2023 sections are in-person

  • PHIL 6000-C (CRN 53049):  May 16 – 24 (5 meetings TWR & TW), 12:30pm-3:15pm, Location: Skiles 308
  • PHIL 6000-E (CRN 52729):  Tuesday, May 16 and Thursday, May 18, 9:30am-5:15pm, Location: Skiles 169
  • PHIL 6000-F (CRN 52728):  Monday, May 22 and Wednesday, May 24, 9:30am-5:15pm, Location: Skiles 311
  • PHIL 6000-A (CRN 52730):  Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6, 9:30am-5:15pm, Location: Skiles 314
  • PHIL 6000-D (CRN 52727):  June 5 – 14 (5 meetings MWF & MW), 3:30pm-6:15pm, Location: Clough UG Learning Commons 102
  • PHIL 6000-B (CRN 52726):  Tuesday, June 13 and Wednesday, June 14, 9:30am-5:15pm, Location: Howey Physics N210

Fall 2023

Important Notice: Section O will be offered in a remote/virtual format; sections JB1 and JB2 are in-person.

  • PHIL 6000-O (CRN 83801): Thursday, August 17 and Friday, August 18, 9:30am-4:30pm, format: remote/virtual
  • PHIL 6000-JB1 (CRN 90169): Mondays and Wednesdays from Aug 21 to Sept 20, 3:30-4:45pm, Location: Van Leer E283
  • PHIL 6000-JB2 (CRN 83802): Mondays and Wednesdays from Aug 21 to Sept 20, 5:00-6:15pm, Location: Van Leer E283