RCR training requirements vary depending on whether a student, postdoc, or faculty/staff member is covered by the RCR Academic Policy for Doctoral Students, the RCR Academic Policy for Master's Thesis Students, and/or the RCR Compliance Policy. Listed below are the available training options.

Online RCR training offered by the CITI Program (be sure to go through this link so that your course completion will be logged in your official GT records)

These training events are an option for undergraduate students, master's students, and postdocs who are seeking to satisfy the in-person training, or re-training, requirement in the RCR Compliance Policy.

In-house training approaches approved to satisfy the in-person RCR training requirement for doctoral students, including those funded by a covered NSF or NIH project.

Resources for PIs and other faculty who are seeking to provide RCR training opportunities for their research team.