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Researchers, including students and staff who are covered by the Georgia Tech Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Compliance Policy and doctoral students who are covered by the Georgia Tech RCR Academic Policy for Doctoral Students must complete an online CITI RCR course. In addition, most researchers who are covered by these policies will be required to complete in-person RCR training.

The online training is also an option for those students covered by the RCR Academic Policy for Master’s Thesis Students.

Important Notes About the Online Training

  • If you completed the CITI RCR course while attending another institution, credit for the modules that you completed should transfer over if they are the same modules that Georgia Tech uses. Follow the matching instructions to link your accounts, then from Learner Tools select Add a Course, then select the RCR option from the menu. You'll need to complete any additional modules that Georgia Tech requires.
  • The RCR course is not added to your CITI account automatically. When ready to begin the course, from Learner Tools select Add a Course, and then select the RCR option from the menu. Then answer the next question about any work with animal subjects. The RCR course will be added to your Georgia Tech CITI Courses.
  • The CITI course that satisfies the online RCR training requirement IS NOT the same as the CITI courses that researchers take to satisfy the online training requirements of Georgia Tech's IACUC (vertebrate animal subjects research) or IRB (human subjects research).
  • The course takes approximately three to five hours to complete. It is strongly recommended that you complete the course in more than one sitting. A score of 80 percent is required to pass.
  • The RCR Program will automatically receive an electronic notice of your CITI RCR course completion.
  • If you are asked to update your CITI Member Profile, be sure that the "GTID" field contains either your 9 digit GTID, your GT Account (e.g. gburdell6), or your USG Employee ID. Anything else will cause delay in getting your CITI completion into Georgia Tech systems. (If you are not asked to update this field, it is okay for it to be blank).
  • After you have completed all required modules for the course, be sure to retain a copy of the completion report for your records.
  • In the future if going directly to the CITI site instead of using the link on this page, select "Log in Through My Organization," and then select "Georgia Institute of Technology."
  • If you have any questions about the CITI RCR course, contact Judy Willis, RCR Program Administrator.

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