Effective May 8, 2023, Single Sign-On will be required in order to affiliate a CITI account with Georgia Tech.

If you do not have GT login credentials but you already have a CITI account which is affiliated with "Georgia Institute of Technology", you do not need to change anything - you should LOG IN to the CITI Program site with your existing CITI username and password. If you do not already have a CITI account, or if your CITI account is not affiliated with Georgia Tech, you'll need to submit a request for Georgia Tech CITI access, below.

For users without Georgia Tech login credentials who DO NOT have a CITI account that is affiliated with "Georgia Institute of Technology" but who need to complete CITI training required for Georgia Tech. Selecting the gold button above will take you to an online request form to request a GT Guest Account.

Questions? Contact the Georgia Tech Office of Research Integrity Assurance CITI Team at citi-support@research.gatech.edu.