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Research Education Training System

The Research Education Training System contains records of which RCR training activities you have completed.


1. Select the link above and log in to the Research Education Training System.

2. Select "My User Details".

3. Scroll down and select "View Research Education Transcript".

4. The relevant online training (CITI: RCR Online Training), RCR workshops, and Georgia Tech doctoral or master's RCR courses you have completed will be listed. Other CITI completions (IRB and IACUC) and classes you have attended through Research Education Training will also be listed on the transcript. However, these other activities do not count toward the RCR training requirements. Relevant classes will have "RCR" in the title.

5. If you are faculty or staff member wanting to obtain the Research Education Transcript for one of your trainees, please forward the link to this page to your trainee, and request that he/she save a copy of the transcript, and send it to you.

Coming Soon: More information on how to interpret the training transcript.