CITI Program Training for Georgia Tech (IRB, IACUC, RCR and Export Control)

In early 2023, Georgia Tech will be requiring the use of Single Sign-On to access CITI Training for IRB (human subjects research), IACUC (research with vertebrate animals), RCR (responsible conduct of research), and Export Control. For now, the procedure has not changed. Please make the relevant selection below to access CITI training through Georgia Tech.

Select this option if you have Georgia Tech login credentials. It will allow you to access the CITI Program training required by the Institute and for your training completions to be logged in Georgia Tech systems. This option will also allow you to link an existing CITI account to your GT login credentials. You may be asked for additional information when entering the CITI system.

Select this option if you need to access CITI Training required by the Institute but do NOT have Georgia Tech login credentials. You should also select this option if you already have a CITI account with another institution but do not have GT login credentials.