Frequently Asked Questions about the RCR Workshops

Q: Who should attend this workshop?
A:  RCR Workshops are intended for undergraduate students, master's students, and postdoctoral scholars funded by NSF or NIH projects that have an RCR compliance training requirement.

Q: How much in-person RCR credit will I receive?
A:  Each workshop session satisfies one hour of the in-person requirement, and the sessions may be attended individually. Applicable students and postdocs must accumulate the required number of in-person training hours through workshops or other institutional-approved means, as specified by the Georgia Tech RCR Compliance Policy.*

Q: Can virtual/remote workshops count as "in-person" RCR training?
A:  Yes. Synchronous virtual/remote sessions (such as those held via GT Zoom) listed on the RCR Workshops website can count towards the in-person RCR training requirement. Be sure to follow any directions during the session regarding how attendance is taken.

Q: Should doctoral students attend the workshops?
A:  The workshops do NOT satisfy the in-person training requirement for doctoral students. Doctoral students must adhere to the in-person training requirement delineated in the Georgia Tech RCR Academic Policy for Doctoral Students, which involves completing PHIL 6000 or another approved RCR doctoral course. Additional in-person RCR training is not required for compliance as long as the training can be completed within one year of being appointed to an applicable project. Doctoral students who have a catalog year prior to 2011-12 should contact  the RCR Program via the RCR Contact Request form if they need to discuss other options for satisfying the in-person RCR training requirement.

Q: If I have completed RCR training in the past, is retraining required?
A:  It depends. Students and postdocs funded by NIH require retraining every four years. The GT Compliance Policy requires students and postdocs funded by NSF or NIH to receive retraining at every career stage - for example, an NSF-funded postdoc who completed a doctoral RCR course at Georgia Tech while a PhD student will need additional training as a postdoc. For more information, refer to: Compliance Retraining.

Q: How do I register for a workshop session?
A:  Access the Genius Learning Management Portal using the "GT Login" button. Click on "View Course Catalog," then enter "RCR" in the search bar. You can view information about each RCR workshop sessions (including session times) by clicking on "more info".  To register for a class, click on "Register", then click on "Proceed to Cart" next to the shopping cart icon (there is no cost for the sessions) and "Confirm". You will receive a registration confirmation email and a calendar file. The system does not generate reminders, so please add the class to your calendar.  For synchronous video meetings, click on the relevant class in your Genius Dashboard or in the calendar invitation; this will take you to a webpage with a link to attend the video session on the designated day/time.

Q: Which RCR workshop sessions should I register for?
A:  Attendees may register for any of the workshop sessions but should avoid repeating the same topic if possible. It is recommended that trainees who only need one contact hour attend the Research Misconduct session. However, any of the workshop sessions will satisfy a one-hour in-person RCR requirement.

Q: How will I receive a record of attending a workshop session?
A:  Training completions will be documented in Georgia Tech systems.  In the near future, there will be an option to print a copy of your Genius training transcript. You may also view your RCR training completions in the RCR Reports (see below).

Q: How can I check to see which workshop sessions I have attended in the past?
A:  For ways to check your RCR training completions, refer to Checking Your Own RCR Training Status. (The DegreeWorks option does NOT indicate RCR Workshop attendance). If you choose to run the RCR People Report in the RCR Reports, click on the number of Contact Hours in the report output to view the workshops you have attended. Important Note: Because of the transition to the new Genius training platform in January 2022, in-person contact hours completed through RCR Workshops and Library sessions since that time will not be reflected in the RCR Reports until later in Spring 2022.

Q: Are there other ways that undergraduate students, master's students and postdocs can satisfy the in-person training requirement?
A:  Yes, research team meetings which cover RCR Topics can satisfy the requirement, but the meetings must be documented by the PI.  Contact the RCR Program to find out how you can get in-person RCR training contact hour "credit" in Georgia Tech systems for this type of RCR training. 

Q: How can I find out about future RCR Workshop sessions?
A:  To be notified when the next RCR workshop sessions are open for registration, you may sign up here. You may unsubscribe from this email list at any time. Sessions are typically offered several times each semester.


For more information, see the GT RCR website, or submit a question through the RCR Contact Request form.

* The type and amount of in-person training required varies depending on the trainee's funding source and career stage (refer to the RCR Compliance Training Matrix). Covered projects are flagged with the RCR Training Requirement in the OSP Contract Information System.